Resume Editing

Ah, the resume. You have to have one, and you know there are "rules" you have to follow, but once you have a job it doesn't really matter - until you want a new job. That's where I come in. Whether you're on your first job or have been working for 20 years, I will work with you to sort through your experiences, brag about your accomplishments, and position you to get the job of your dreams. 

Whether you need a complete overhaul, some light polishing, or somewhere in between, I will work with you to create a document that shows off your accomplishments. I've done it all and I can do it for you. 

I can also help you rework your LinkedIn to create something that's cohesive and makes sense. 

I charge per pass. One pass is each time I am reviewing your resume. I usually start with a pass that cleans up your work accomplishments and adds new metrics. Our second pass would then check for formatting, page fit and any other finessing required.  Each pass includes a phone call or Skype session to discuss the resume and review any changes I suggest, and why. Just need or want one pass? That's fine. 

Please email with Resume in the subject line for more information. 

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